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Individual and team development for results THAT LAST

Individual and team development for results THAT LAST


I work with both Individuals and Organizational Teams.

I help individuals develop a higher quality of self-awareness, so as to enable courses of action in which the truth of one's individual purpose and the power of one's true gifts can clearly 'show up'.

When working with teams in organizations, I look for the patterns in the organizational culture, systems or structures that are getting in the way, help teams see what they can do collectively about it, and then support them as they get on with creating the environment and results that matter most to them.





Feb 25, 2017 - Event - CIYO One Day Experience, Eileen Fisher Learning Lab, Irvington, New York

A one-day CIYO experience for women of all ages interested in developing their leadership, in their personal and professional spheres. Focus: Leadership Archetypes. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Restorative Yoga, Wholesome Nutrition.

Faculty: Dorian-Patrizia Baroni and Karen Bummele

More information at or email Dorian

March or April, 2017 - PROGRAM - CIYO Northern California, Costanoa Lodge, Pescadero, California

Come to the coast of Northern California to experience a unique 3-day women's leadership retreat that has been changing the lives and leadership of women all over the world for the past few decades.

Faculty: Tanya Monsef Bunger and Dorian-Patrizia Baroni

More information available shortly at

Jan-Jun 2017 - ONLINE PROTOTYPE 6 MONTH ACTION & LEARNING PROGRAM - Women as Agents of Change

NOTE: REGISTRATION FOR WOMEN AS AGENTS OF CHANGE IS NOW CLOSED but we would love to keep in touch to support you in other ways. Sign up for the quarterly newsletter to receive articles, inspiration and updates.

Why this program now:

  • The complex times we live in call us - to step up and out, to bring about changes with greater skill and greater heart, to expand our presence and purpose - for ourselves, with others, in and for the systems in which we operate.

  • Each participant brings her own unique change questions to light in the program, and transforms them into new way of doing things in her work and life, a creative project that demands to be fulfilled or an intention that needs the support of others.

Note: As a Founding Circle member, you will have the unique opportunity to not only learn together with other women from various parts of the globe, but also shape the design and impact of the program for future cohorts.

Focus Areas:

  • Changing Self - Growing Self-Awareness and Developing Past Inner Limits

  • Changing With Others - Interpersonal Dynamics and Creating High Value Teams

  • Changing Systems - Leveraging Systems Dynamics for Lasting Change

  • Strengthening Presence and Purpose - Developing Inner Resilience, Nurturing Head-Heart-Body, Clarifying One's Purpose and Its Expression At This Stage


  • Starts Jan 9th, 2017 with a webinar video call: one will be hosted from 8am to 10am Pacific US and another one will be hosted from 5pm to 7pm Pacific US (the session will be recorded for those who cannot attend live).

  • The full program takes place Jan 2017 through Jun 2017 as a 6 month virtual learning journey with webinars every 3 weeks and new content (pdfs, video links, reading recommendations, reflection questions, etc) delivered to your inbox weekly, supported by your undertaking your very own 'action project'.


  • 2-hour online learning webinars will be hosted by Dorian and invited guest faculty every 3 weeks (recordings will be available), with readings and written materials available to support the theme of each webinar session.

  • Individual Action Projects to be designed and undertaken by each participant in her family, work or community setting.

  • A range of guest faculty and speakers from around the globe will introduce cutting edge mindfulness, leadership, peer coaching and change methodologies. Dorian will also invite participants to consider co-hosting some of the learning webinar calls after February 2017 (more details as we get started).

  • Videos, podcasts, readings and other online sources will be leveraged to provide resources to participants for their chosen action projects. 

  • Psychometric self-assessments to be offered: MBTI Step II, Firo-B, TKI, Fascination Advantage. Others as jointly determined.

  • Mindfulness practices to be introduced and used during each webinar (3-minute breath pause, Check Ins, Check Outs, Embodied leadership practices).


  • A invitation to consider payment of a $450 invoice will be sent on June 30, 2017. You will have the choice at that time to pay in full, pay partially, defer, not pay or pay more to support another woman. We want to make this program as accessible as possible, so current financial situation should not stand in the way of your commitment to development.

  • A commitment by each participant to share key learning elements from the program with 12 other women by end of 2017, with attribution of the learning source as the Women as Agents of Change program.