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coaching and advising Individuals and teams for results THAT LAST

coaching and advising Individuals and teams for results THAT LAST


I coach and advise both Individuals and Teams.

I help individuals develop a higher quality of self-awareness and their leadership skills, so as to enable courses of action in which the truth of one's individual purpose and the power of one's true gifts can clearly 'show up'.

When working with teams in organizations, I look for the patterns in the organizational culture, systems or structures that are getting in the way, help teams see what they can do collectively about psychological safety and commitment to results, and then support them as they get on with creating the environment and results that matter most to them.





Sept 21-24, 2017 - RETREAT- CIYO Southern California, Ojai, California


Come to California to experience a unique 3.5 -day women's retreat that has been transforming the leadership capacity of women all over the world.

Faculty: Tanya Monsef Bunger and Dorian-Patrizia Baroni

More information available at

Oct 5-8, 2017 - RETREAT - CIYO New York, location to be announced shortly

Come to the New York area in Autumn to experience a unique 3.5-day women's retreat that has been transforming the leadership of women all over the world.

Faculty: Dorian-Patrizia Baroni and Karen Bummele

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Oct 2017 - Oct 2018 -  ONLINE MEMBERSHIP LEARNING PROGRAM - W.A.C (Women as Agents of Change) - an initiation into soaring through the art of change - TO LEARN MORE VISIT WWW.WOMENAGENTSOFCHANGE.ORG


  • The complex times we live in call us - to step up and out, to bring about changes with greater skill and greater heart, to expand our presence and purpose - for ourselves, with others, in and for the systems in which we operate.

  • Each participant brings her own unique change questions to light in the program, and transforms them into new ways of doing things in her work and life, a creative project that demands to be fulfilled or an intention that needs the support of others.


  • Changing Self - Growing Self-Awareness and Developing Past Inner Limits

  • Changing With Others - Interpersonal Dynamics and Creating High Value Teams

  • Changing Systems - Leveraging Systems Dynamics for Lasting Change

  • Strengthening Presence and Purpose - Developing Inner Resilience, Nurturing Head-Heart-Body, Clarifying One's Purpose and Its Expression At This Stage

April 18-21, 2018 - A "Roman Holiday" CIYO 5-days/4-nights treat for CIYO Alumnae & Friends

Treat yourself to a Roman springtime getaway! Join Dorian and the Italian CIYO Faculty: Myriam Ines Giangiacomo, Maria Schiavo, Silvia Gollini, Daniela Mattia and Pernette Masson, in Rome for an English-language CIYO holiday. 

Together we will focus on the Feminine in Rome's Art, Architecture, Rituals, Food, History, Fashion, Politics and Progress. Join with other CIYO alumnae and friends for a taste of Romans' love of a life lived fully. 

We are planning a number of optional activities to choose from during our stay, including an empathy walk along the Via Appia Antica also known as Rome's Queen of Roads, a visit to the Villa Borghese to learn more about the life and power of Paolina Borghese, stopping for tea in the Chiostro del Bramante museum cafe behind Piazza Navona, a guided session on the work of Artemisia Gentileschi, a Roman cooking class. And lots of gentle meandering and learning and playing together.

During our trip we will base ourselves at one of Rome's quieter boutique hotels, the Profumo Maison D'Hotes which is in a perfect pocket neighborhood next to the Colosseum.

If interested in this nurturing learning and travel adventure, email Dorian  to express your interest of being included on the mailing list for further updates, hotel room deposit process and other information.