Morris Graham - London - Martha Morris Graham and Morag Dwyer have created both a coaching and consulting business and a vibrant global community of senior associates committed to learning together.


Kelvy Bird  - Boston - Kelvy Bird is an artist, a seer of patterns and latent potential, a graphic facilitator. Her capacity to teach others to not only see below the surface of what is happening, but also to become graphic enablers for the invisible to helpfully show up, is a truly unique gift.


MindKind Institute - NY area - MindKind Institute provides executive coaching and leadership development for high-achieving leaders who are ready to create purposeful and lasting change. They also host weekend Farm Salons, online 21-day Mindfulness 'Missions' and other events.


PrimeProduce - NYC - Chris Chavez has shaped events and now a space for people who view intentional service as a craft.


YourProjectX  - NYC - Jeff Hittner is launching this initiative in the Spring of 2017.  Get the tools, the mindset and the community to build the career you'll love.


How To Fascinate - MBTI, FIRO-B, DISC, TKI are all great self-assessments that shed light on your preferences and how you see the world. The Fascination Advantage is unique in that it lets you know how others see you. I added their certification to my coaching qualifications so that I could support my coaching clients in more fully debriefing the report, but you can also simply review the report on its own and gain key insights.



Weave The People - Weave is an interactive tool that inspires engagement and aligns teams to create a culture of connection.

Soapply - NYC-based - Mera McGrew has launched this social impact business to connect the funding of development projects through the purchase of high quality, all natural soap.