SESSION 2  - JANUARY 30, 2017

EMPHASIS: Changing Self Emphasis: The Narratives That Shape Us


1.  Deepening One's Listening - Link to a video of Otto Scharmer on the 4 Levels of Listening

and a graphic illustration of the 4 levels by Kelvy Bird

4 levels of listening - drawing by Kelvy Bird









2.  Paying attention to how we each prefer to learn is key to a robust change effort - Here is a link to a WAC learning document: Kolb's Learning Cycle Handout

Kolb Learning 2.png








3. Otto Scharmer's MOOC U-Theory Sourcebook.  And a two page summary of his book Theory U from his website: The Presencing Institute.)


4. Otto's latest book for those who want to go in more depth





Session 2 - Jan 30, 2017

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8am Pacific US Webinar Call - Part 1

8am Pacific US Webinar Call - Part 2

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5pm Pacific US Webinar Call - Part 2





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