investing in the Change Learning journey of the W.A.c. Program

As Founding Circle Members of the W.A.C., each of you has contributed to this Jan-Jun 2017 prototype program of a new way of learning and connecting with ourselves and with each other. I thank you for your time and energy and ideas. We have overcome challenges both small and large to connect and learn with each other, and I am aware that many new actions, experiments and initiatives are blossoming forth as a result. Our shared interest in being agents of change in our respective spheres of influence has shown brightly throughout our time together. Thank you each for being authentically present as you needed and wanted to. It has been a creative joy to be with you these past 6 months!

FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION - YOU HAVE OPTIONS - As agreed at the start of the program, please now take the time to decide the level of your financial contribution to the program. As previously agreed, you have options: You can contribute the suggested $450 prototype program fee, a partial fee, a larger fee amount, or no financial fee contribution at all at this time.

"PAY IT FORWARD" CONTRIBUTION - SHARING SOME (OR ALL) LEARNING ELEMENTS FROM THE W.A.C WITH 12 OTHERS - As agreed, regardless of financial contribution level you determine is right for you, please remember to keep me informed of how you are following through (by the end of the 2017) in sharing elements from this program with 12 other women, at no charge. You can be as creative as you wish in determining what makes sense for you. Some are publishing a blog on one of the models, others are hosting women at their home and overviewing key handouts and exercises that impacted them, others are using WAC learnings in their informal mentoring sessions, some of you are planning on creating an interview or podcast, etc etc You are free to choose the method and the timing, as well as the amount to share and the formats. All I ask is that you attribute the elements to the WAC program and share its new website link with other women who may be interested in learning about the community of change agents

Please note that the new WAC learning program will start in October of 2017, as a 12-month membership program. You are invited to re-join the program in October at no additional cost. The membership fee for the 12months for new joiners will be $850.

And of course, our Facebook page will continue to be available to you as a place to connect, reach out, share updates, etc.

Thank you for your support, in whatever form it can take at this time!

WAC Contribution

P.S. I will be reaching out to you each in July and August to invite you to a full debrief individual interview, so as to include your final recommendations into the program that will be starting up in October 2017. As well as to update you on future resources available to you as Founding Circle participants.