Oct 30 2017 - Three Levels of Awareness

This is a simple practice that can be used to put you in touch with your awareness of current reality or as the starting pointing for an exploration of awareness.

It is based on the three zones of awareness:

1. Inner - awareness of our embodied life: body sensations, tensions, feelings, heartbeat, breath

2. Middle - awareness of our contact with the cognitive life: thoughts memories, fantasies, imaginings, reactions, anticipations, assumptions, meaning making

3. Outer - awareness of our contact with the external world: sometimes referred to as out 'contact functions': seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, speaking moving, doing

Three Levels of Awareness 2.JPG

Options for further exploration:

You may begin to notice that you become more easily aware of certain zones or spend more time in one zone than the others. If so, how does this impact your work, life, relationships? You may also notice that you come back to a particular thought, feeling or perception repeatedly.

The heightened attention to a particular pattern of awareness is often the fruitful starting point for further reflection for yourself or with a coach.