Thrive 101 - Hack your Brain to Quiet the Inner critic

JAN 24, 2019 - 50 min Webinar



Change Starts With You

(CSWY)- 90 days online

MAR - MAY 2019 - For Women

8 sessions with 60 to 90 days of support


Thrive Collage Workshop - in person 1 day

APR 28, 2019 - 2 hour workshop

Sponsored by SewHip in Tucson, Arizona

Coming Into Your Own (CIYO) - in person leadership retreat

SEPT 19-20-21, 2019 - For Women

A 3.5 day retreat at the 1440 Multiversity

Change Start With You (CSWY)

- NYC - in person weekend + 60 days online

Dates TBD but likely 4Q2019 - For Women

W/ LIlia Abreu Mawson

Change Starts With You (CSWY) - Rome - in person weekend + 60 days online

Dates TBD but likely 4Q2019 - For Women

W/ Myriam Ines Giangiacomo & Daniela Mattia


The Experience - an exploration & service retreat


A week-long women’s retreat and service voyage - Thailand - For Women


You may ask yourself, why bother attending a public enrollment learning program, conference or webinar? You are busy enough as it is managing your many day to day commitments. The research shows that a Growth Mindset is the key to ongoing success, and you cannot leave your learning decisions solely in the hands of others. If you are living your life from a Fixed Mindset, your talents, skills and capabilities will stagnate and you won't be as successful or fulfilled as you could be.

Enroll in a course or attend an event that will support your continued growth - either one of those I am involved with, or one that you find somewhere else, one your employer offers in-house, or a public course in an unrelated field: attend an embodied practices class, learn about falconry, take a pottery class, seriously. Try something new that will stretch your mind, body and imagination. The most important thing is that you find something that will stretch you past your learning comfort zone. Invest in yourself. I promise you it will be worth it.

With care, Dorian