"It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinions; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great wo/man is s/he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude."  A quote by Emerson, slightly updated.

In addition to my executive coaching activities and my in-house leadership development work with individual leaders and senior teams in multinationals firms and entrepreneurial startups, I guide leadership programs for women as public enrollment programs. Below you will find a listing of upcoming programs and conferences I have been invited to participate in.

Why bother attending a public enrollment learning program or conference? So that you can grow and develop your capacity to be curious about the edges of your development. If you are living your life from a Fixed Mindset, your talents, skills and capabilities will stagnate and you won't be as successful or fulfilled as you could be. Learn more about Fixed vs Growth Mindset by watching this 8 minute video from TrainUgly.






In the fall of 1918, 22 women enrolled at The College of William & Mary University in Virginia.  In the fall of 2018, W&M will kick off a year-long celebration, commemoration and exploration to mark the 100th anniversary of women at the university , starting with a women's weekend.

I have been invited to give one of the 15-minute Mary Talks. My session is entitled: Thrive 101 - How to hack your brain and tame the inner critic  

For more information: W&M Women's Weekend. I hope you will join us!


NOVEMBER 15-18, 2018 - CIYO NORTHERN CALIFORNIA at the 1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, CA

PRIORITIZE YOU! The CIYO is a hard program to describe. One alumna described is as a 'spa experience for the spirit'. Another  as 'the most tranformational leadership immersion of the past decade'. Another 'the pivot moment when I stopped playing by others' rules and built my business based on a clear purpose, my intuition and my vision'. A recent New York Times Op Ed by one of our alumane may also give you a sense of what you will discover through the program. But most of all you will gain Clarity, Ease, and Forward Momentum for your deepest aspirations.

Come to Scotts Valley, California if you are ready. We will be hosted at the outstanding 1140 Foundation's Multiversity retreat center. There you will experience a truly unique 3.5-day women's leadership retreat plus the follow through support of both individual and group coaching components. The Coming Into Your Own (CIYO) program has been transforming the leadership and lives of women all over the world for over two decades. Unsubscribe from your status quo or living out others' expectations of you. The program will be led by executive coach and Women's Startup Lab contributor Tanya Monsef Bunger and executive and team coach and Founder of Women Agents of Change Dorian-Patrizia Baroni

More information at CIYO California

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Come to Loveland, Colorado. We will be hosted at the Sylvan Dale Ranch. There you will experience a truly unique 3.5-day women's leadership retreat, inclusive of follow through individual and group coaching components, yoga daily and intuitive painting. The Coming Into Your Own (CIYO) program  has been transforming the leadership and life readiness of women all over the world for over two decades. Faculty: Laurie Shiparski and Dorian-Patrizia Baroni

More information HERE


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ASHA New York City and Women Agents of Change are collaborating to bring you a 7-day self-care and service project retreat in the Thai countryside. Meditation, yoga, personal development, a service project with a non-profit supporting girls in the region, visits to local temple and an elephant sanctuary, photo-journaling - all are part of the retreat.

If interested please contact Dorian and she will add you to the email list for information as it become available in September of 2018.




  The art of movement by Ken Browar
  • The complex times we live in call us - to step up and out, to bring about changes with greater skill and greater heart, to expand our presence and purpose - for ourselves, with others, in and for the systems in which we operate.

  • Each participant brings her own unique change questions to light in the program, and transforms them into new ways of doing things in her work and life, a creative project that demands to be fulfilled or an intention that needs the support of others.



  • Changing Self - Growing Self-Awareness and Developing Past Inner Limits

  • Changing With Others - Interpersonal Dynamics and Creating High Value Teams

  • Changing Systems - Leveraging Systems Dynamics for Lasting Change

  • Presence and Purpose - Developing Inner Resilience, Nurturing Head-Heart-Body, Clarifying One's Purpose and Its Expression At This Stage

Registration is now closed for AOC2017, but to learn more, please visit my online education social venture's website: WWW.WOMENAGENTSOFCHANGE.ORG


APRIL 18-22, 2018 - WAOC LUDENS! (tm) - a WAOC* women's learning voyage in Rome

Renew. Regenerate. Reconnect.

Join Dorian, several of the Italian CIYO programs faculty and WAOC participants based in Rome and 12 other women during Springtime in Rome for an English-language learning experience. We will playfully use the lens of the visible and invisible power and grace of women and the feminine as a way of organizing our exploration of Rome's history, architecture, fashion, food and fun. And a portion of the fee will be donated to Casa Africa that works with recent refugees to help them integrate into the tapestry of cultural influences that is Rome.

Some of our learning questions: What can we learn from the past of this great city? How did women shape history from behind the scenes? How do we learn valuable lessons for the present from their successes and their struggles? How do civilizations rise, decline and fall? In what ways are the influences of ancient Rome still guiding western ways of thinking and being?

More information at Roman Voyage

*WAOC stands for Women Agents Of Change - a new social impact venture I have started to bring transformational knowledge, skills and inspiration to women who are ready to make big or small changes in themselves, the teams they lead or are part of, and the organizations or communities they are a part of

Summer 2018 - 3 MONTHS: ONLINE (June 3, June 10) + JUNE 23-24 2018 in person + ONLINE (July 15, July 29, Aug 19)

The Change Starts With You program brings you the best of CIYO women's leadership retreat the WAOC's online leading self offering) - at the Eileen Fisher Learning facilities in Irvinton, NY

In this offering, you will have the integrated experience of the best of the WomenAgentsOfChange online program and the CIYO women's leadership retreats, without having to take time off work to do it or travel far.

Some of the core elements:

Inner Critic work based on the research of Tara Mohr of Playing Big and Shadowwork. Inner critic dynamics are the #1 internal factor that keep women from accessing their full gifts and power. We all have inner critics, men and women alike, but for women especially the Inner Critic voice can be particularly debilitating leading them to doubt their own accomplishments, hold back from putting themselves forward, negotiating a raise, enjoying their successes and learning from taking reasonable risks. In the program we will look at how our Inner Critic dynamic holds us back, and learn to quiet the voice of criticsm so as to be more sustainably confident. Takeaway: Greater confidence in self and other

Inner Mentor work also based on the research of Tara Mohr of Playing Big. We all have a deep well of authentic wisdom within us that we too rarely access to determine our sense of purpose, and therefore lead in ways that are informed by that inner North Star.Takeaway: More clarity of Purpose

Lifeline/Crucible Moments based on the work of the CIYO and of Bill George at Harvard. This work is based on the belief and experience of leaders, as stated by Bill George “With all of life’s uncertainties, we learn to accept what life brings us and to use each experience as an opportunity for personal growth. You cannot go through life without getting knocked down. The question is how you will respond, and whether you will come back stronger than ever. Rather than living an angry life, suppressing your crucibles, or living a fearful life, I urge you to embrace life’s uncertainties and reframe them as learning opportunities in order to turn them into pearls of wisdom.” Takeaway: A clear sense of your core gifts as a leader

The Tri-motive Brain based on the work of Nelisha Wickremasinghe at Oxford. - we will learn about Threat brain, Drive brain, and Safe brain motivational states. Their functionality and their dyfunctions. And how to build more leadership resilience through the practice of Self-Compassion (mindfulness, accepting our common humanity, self-regard and clear boundaries). Takeaway: Greater resilience and practices for emotional intelligence

The Power of Mind-Body Integration -  in the weekend deep dive, but also on the online videocalls, we will engage in mindfulness practices and restorative yoga to experience the power of Self-Compassion in accessing more Safe brain motivational states (as opposed to running on the fumes of Threat brain or Overdrive brain at all times). Takeaway: The identification of the value of a personal somatic practice to strengthen your Presence

Dorian Baroni, Lilia Abreu Mawson and Karen Bummele will be collaborating to bring you an integrated online + in-person program of learning that will span 3 months.

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Dorian and Gabrielle Donnelly with guest contributor Susanne Chui will be leading a  Women Leading learning stream within the Thrive Nova Scotia Leadership Conference.

To register and more information visit How We Thrive Nova Scotia June Conference.